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A random random [Mar. 14th, 2008|06:31 pm]
[music |Fabriclive 28 ft. Evil Nine]


Number of girls I made giggle uncontrollably: 3
Number of girls I was able to hold convo's with: 3
Number of girls I was able to make fall out of the door when checking me out: 1

Fun day, lots of hotties, but these 3 clicked. Probally will at least see two of them again. The one that fell out of the door, we have a short step at the door, kept looking back as she walked out and forgot about the step and fell out. Luckily she didn't look back after she fell, probally out of embarrassment, because she would of caught me chuckling. ^^;


Having long hair sucks, except for headbanging. Fuck ya Dude!


Nos + Stoli Vanil is a weird combo. Grapefruit initial taste, Vanilla after-taste.


Bellatoria pizza is yummy! Bellatoria pizza + curry is glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!


Creamfields `04 mixed by Paul Oakenfold disc 2 is <3


I can't dance, but tonight, who cares. I'll be too drunk to notice.