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Highlight of the weekend: Finding a 1st print copy of Ken Ishii's… - Embrace The Sickness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 18th, 2008|10:04 pm]
[music |Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend (Junkie XL extended mix)]

Highlight of the weekend:

Finding a 1st print copy of Ken Ishii's Jelly Tones for $8! near mint condition, too.


Not able to find my copy of Suikoden 3. I know its a horrible game, but i have this huge hankering of wanting to do a replay of it.

Currently doing a replay of Suikoden 5. I have a previous save of not completing the game, but i forget where i am in the storyline, so i'm just doing a replay so i can stay on track. About 130+ hrs logged atm.

Haven't been playing FFXI a whole ton lately, sorta in that "i'm bored with the game again" mode. I'll probally get back into it with the next update.

I bought Resident Evil 4 & World of Heroes Anthology within the past month or so. RE4 doesn't have enough space for the items i really need. I'm stuck @ about 1/3 of the game through with low health & ammo. Its the 2 path point right after the cabin swarm. i try one path and i run out of ammo on the chain saw sisters. I try the other and whats-her-face gets smashed by the giant. it sucks! Also, WoH-A sucks without anyone to go against. not a game for single player.

I have gotten some tracks since the last batch, but they are not worth mentioning as they are not up to the standards of my previous purchases.

I went to Animation Show 4 and it was fucking lovely! some of the best shorts that i've seen in a long while. My faves were Burning Safari, Mr Mr Mr, Raymond, & Usavich. If you'd like to watch the shorts, i've complied a list on Blue Gartr Forums.

Can't think of anything else of note. Peace by with you.