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A sad day it is [Feb. 26th, 2008|06:12 pm]
R.I.P. Stage6Collapse )

I didn't use it much, but whenever I wanted to view a video in dvd quality, that was my spot. now who will step up to fill the void?
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I am.. [Feb. 11th, 2008|02:16 pm]
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DVD creation: 1st attempt [Jan. 31st, 2008|09:53 pm]
So after having this pc for almost 4 years, I have finally made my first DVD. I'm a Gundam fan and I recently came across the Menclave sub group and I noticed that they were subbing Gundam 00. I really despise watching anime on the little screen (my pc) so i wanted to try it out on DVD and see how it looks. Well I made a test disc. Used the first episode to see how things went. It used up a 3rd of a 4.7 gig disc, the quality of the video was on par with youtube (its divx quality on pc), and the disc crashed 6 minutes in. Also, it seemed that the video was too big for the screen. The bottom where the subs were supposed to show were cut-off, so it was almost like watching it "raw." I'm going to do some more tests with the DVD creation program to see if i can fix any bugs and maybe make the screen size actually fit so i can read the subs. Until then, I guess I'll just have to enjoy the series in .wmv and hope that Menclave releases episode 16 before I go to bed. ^^

If you are interested in watching Gundam 00 here are the links for streaming video. If you wish do d/l the episodes, as soon as the player loads, pause it and wait for the blue bar to fill. When it is full, right button click the player and choose "save video." Select the folder and it shouldn't take more than 30sec-1min, unless you are on a 56k connection or dsl (god forbid).

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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2007|02:28 am]
So i got a new graphics card for X-Mas only to come home, rip apart my pc and find that my pc does not have the compatible slot for the card. ._. The card i got is an AGP and all my lowly out-dated pc has is 3 PCI slots. The best i can hope for now is the GeForce 6200 OC. Why? well looking over what Best Buy sells (the gift is from there), that is the most powerful PCI slot card that they carry. Also, going through the manual before cracking open the hunk of junk it said to remove all the drivers for the present video/graphics card. So now i have no drivers for my stock card.

There is one good thing that did come of all this, this is the first time opening the box since i got the pc 3-4 years ago. The inside, the fans, nearly everything were covered in black, thick, oily dust. So i got to clean up the poor bastard, well most of it. Maybe now it won't heat up as much. ^^;;;

Also in the first batch of gifts (Mom's first, Dad's later today) I got;

  • $35 Best Buy Gift Card
  • $150 cash (to help cover going over board on X-Mas gifts)
  • Random Shirts & Pants
  • A Lacoste gift set (cologne, shower gel, lotion, shave cream, etc.)
  • A graffiti calendar (bigger than i have wall space for ._.)
  • A Desk Chair (my first ever desk chair. been using my coffee table as my chair all these years)
  • A orange knife (i like the color orange. even though this is a cooking knife, it looks like it would work well as a shiv or something of that sorts)

I wonder what i am getting next.
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Its that time of year again... [Dec. 4th, 2007|10:44 am]

It's time to spend money on items people don't really need. ^^
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Remember remember the 5th of November [Nov. 5th, 2007|08:52 pm]
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late late late it's fucking late. [Sep. 6th, 2007|04:21 pm]
I've been meaning to post for awhile now, but my trusty A.D.D. always leads me elsewhere. I've been working a ton, partying not a lot, and have been saving for a trip to go to San Fran with my step sis that just didn't happen. So now i have a grip of cash, but not enough to do a "party hard" vaca to Louisville and just about enough for a 80gig ps3. I'm a lil wary on getting the 80gig because you know damn well Sony will just drop a 120gig is a few months thus making the 80gig drop $200 in price and the purchase worthless. But the positives might outweigh the negatives.

A.) GTA6 drops in a couple months
B.) With a recent update FFXI is now playable (my ps2 is coming closer to death every time i turn it on)
C.) Another browser is added to my entertainment/living room
D.) PS3 is now the most powerful protein folder
E.) Blu-Ray player
F.) The multi-media features planned for the system are simply amazing (i.e. new eyetoy, playTV, etc.)

theres something else, but i cannot think of it. bout time i upgraded anyways.

Yesterday was my 27th b-day and i feel like total lame-o. Went to dinner with my mom, her bf, and my bro and a lil hole-in-the-wall burger spot. good food, but that is all i did last night. Today i went to lunch with my pops to a steak resturant in downtown minneap. Excellent food, but i didn't match the dress code and i got the kind of service to match that. the dress code is khakis and a decent shirt (minium). Today i am wearing cargo shorts, a black "keep louisville weird" t-shirt & white DC shoes. Plus i have my hair in a variation of a faux hawk. I got lots of awful looks and stares from employees and guests. plus, the waitress found out it is my birthday and she said they do a complimentary white cake for anyone having a birthday, but when the check came at the end of the meal, i guess that deal was removed. oh well, at least i had a filling lunch.

I got some cool gifts so far. My sis got me a vodka shooter/shot glass set and a giant toy from the Avatar cartoon (WTF!?!). My bro got me a $25 gift card to best buy. My mom got me a cake pan, a electronic mixer, a mini food processor, a new shirt for work, a laid back stuffed bear that sings "Don't Worry Be Happy," and a $25 gift card to best buy. My dad & step-mom still haven't figured out what to get me. And finally my co-workers got me a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble.

My weird toy collecting bug has bit me again recently. A couple months ago i picked up two 5in+ bear figurines, last week i got a Fat Cap figure, and last weekend i got a Freud figure and a japanese/chinese (i can't tell which) lady named Giggles. I'll make a post after this with pics of them.

As for my music listening, it's been a lot of J-pop with some DnB & electro intermixed. Also some old school R&B in there for good measure. Some of what i have been litening to is free to download, some is not (unless you have a converter, more on that later). Here is where you can get some free tastey tunes;

DJplaeskool - Not Quite Live Awkward electro
Linaaa - The Trees Told Me To DnB
FYBS - Blueberry Breaks R&B

As for j-pop, i've been listening to a lot of RIP Slyme & Maboroshi.



RIP Slyme

Found two Firefox add-ons that I am quite fond of. First Viloader. Viloader is a program that allows you to rip vidz from youtube, dailymotion, google, etc. and turn them into whatever format you want, including mp3. Second is a must for any FFXI player. FFXI Helper is a program that allows you the user see what the current day, time, and moon phase is in-game. also included is a tool bar with very helpful links.

and on that note if you want to keep up with my ffxi dealys, you can read about it on my alternate blog; http://6souls2.livejournal.com Also, i'm slowly putting together a Crystal War text compendium that has many clues leading to the new Wings of the Goddess. Read them here; http://6souls3.livejournal.com

thats all everyone, enjoy your day/night.
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Family Wedding [Jul. 8th, 2007|11:55 am]
[music |Tool - 10,000 Days]

Went to my Uncle's second wedding yesterday. It was outside at a park in Albert Lea. Hot as hell, but I felt fine. I got to meet a fair chunk of my new Aunt's side of the family. Woo. Rather not meet them again. Well my new cousin, Amber, is cool, but thats about it. Got the whole mix, white trash, douches, crazies, and anti-socials. They were alright to talk to until the booze started to flow. We had a after party at the Fair Grounds.
Party AdvertisementCollapse )

Luckily i had started before the wedding so i didn't get too freaked. Halfway through the party i had to get some more liquor. God Damn southern MN alcohol prices are high. At least $5 more per bottle of the hard stuff compared to the cities. Picked up a bottle of Stoli Vanil vodka. It was an instant hit. That plus Sprite or fruit juice from the fruit bowl, num! Uncles and pops brought some herbal along, so that helped to mellow out our side of the family. Went back to the hotel room about 11pm and just crashed.
Party PhotosCollapse )

Got up this morning and went to Nibblers for a decent breakfast of a hashbrown omlette w/ toast & OJ. Then went to the cemetary to visit my Grandpa & Grandma. I haven't been there since my Grandpa's funeral in mid-`99, so it was good to visit. While standing there a unfully grown (green) pine cone fell out of the tree. There was nothing up in the tree so it felt kinda of odd. Then when we walked away a giant wind went over the cemetary. It was a clear unwindy day, so i guess that was sort of a "goodbye." =)

On the way out i found some dead Wiggers. Thats my good chuckle of the day.

And as i sit here writing this, i'm trying out a sorta new drink, X-Rated. its a "Pink Vodka". good stuff. Mixing it with Sprite, makes it look like a pink lemonade and tastes like a peach drink.

X-Rated Foreplay:

Put Ice into the glass, fill the glass about 1/4 to 1/2 full with X-Rated and then fill the rest with Sprite. enjoy!

P.S. Be careful of your wedding band. The bastards last night tried to steal my Tool - 10,000 Days cd last night. Grrr.
P.P.S. {Nicole} This young lady was the wedding's photographer. She did a great job, and i expect to see more great shots from her in the future.

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Tat ideas [Jun. 30th, 2007|01:01 pm]
I've already decided to get my family crest on my leg and a crew tag on my upper left arm, but i've been thinking of a few others. I really like the True Rune designs from Suikoden. Here's a few that i am waivering on;

Sun Rune

True Lightning Rune

True Beast Rune

^i think this would look good as a back tattoo

Rune of Beginning

Rune of Punishment

theres others, but i'm not sure if i like any of them; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_True_Runes

Good, Bad, Ugly?
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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2007|12:20 pm]
new video mix up on my alternate blog; Shock Riddlers

and if you missed my last one, heres the link; Dream Hacker
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